What an Amazing Journey

As I sit down to write, I remember this incredible journey I am on.

Every time a story pops into my mind, I write it down quickly, so I do not forget it. Sometimes the story turns into a book, and other times it sits there until it progresses, or it was just a quick glimpse into a busy mind.

I enjoy allowing my imagination to run wild. As a child, I always heard that if I let my imagination run wild, I would live with my head in the clouds. I want to think I found the right balance.

My advice to everyone out there is never to squash your imagination, it is the greatest gift you will ever receive from your brain.

This week I read a book that deals with bullying. As a child who was bullied and an adolescent who became a bully, I am reminded how this can affect someone’s life.

At primary school age, I was bullied for my appearance, and I started to go into my shell. The bright spirit that I had as a little child was turned down so people wouldn’t notice me.

I was tired of being held down in middle school, so I thought the way to deal with it was to become the bully first. This way no one would ever have the chance to bully me. Being a bully left me empty inside, and I never felt good about my choice.

When I went into high school, I sought the people who I had wronged and apologized.

Today, I am still friends with one of the kind souls who never held a grudge against me and has flourished in her life despite the words at a young age I bestowed upon her.

I believe every person has a reason for the hurtful things they do, but we must genuinely look inside why we are doing them.

If we are looking for solace and understanding, there are better ways to do that.

We never know what another individual is going through and what troubles they face that make them aggressive, but we do not have to stand around and be harmed by them.

Sometimes, opening up and having a conversation is the best way to stop the anger and hate, but other times, grab a figure of authority for help.

I hope someone learned something from this book.

Each week I will read a new book, Good Willing, as long as more Authors are so kind as to share their work with us.

I hope your children enjoy the bedtime stories and allow their imaginations to wander and create worlds that they can be themselves in.

Until Next Time Auntie Nann

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Once upon a time sisters were born, they grew up and decided they wanted to drive each other crazy and share it with the world. Whether they are fighting, gabbing, crying, or yelling, they are thick as thieves. Don’t get the world twisted, they are not perfect, but they are perfectly harmonized together in this thing called life. You mess with one you get them all. Leading completely different lives gives them totally different opinions of the world. Sometimes it's comical, sometimes it's dramatic. One thing is for sure, they always speak their mind, and its always raw, real, and relatable! Once they dreamed bigger they brought more sisters and a brother into the mix to create a dynamic team of people committed to giving back. We believe the personalities on the show gives an insight into what the world needs in trying times. There is nothing we can’t do with the Grace of God at our backs.

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