The Wonderful World of Woodchucks

This week I had the honor of reading Lieve Snellings book Ground Hog Secrets. The wonderful world of woodchucks is remarkable. This book is filled with beautiful nature photographs and packed full of educational information about these beautiful creatures.

As a children’s book author, I often wonder about the balance of education and imagination in my books. I believe a child’s mind should be opened to the wonders; however, teaching brings a beautiful book dynamic.

Looking back at my childhood, I remember cartoons like Woody Wood Pecker, Tom and Jerry, and Bugs Bunny. They were hilarious and fun to watch. The comics of today focus on imagination and education at the same time.

I have heard so many rants about how we have too much violence in the world and that the old way of thinking has created this violence. I can say that I learned a lot about friendship from Tom and Jerry and acceptance.

What we expose our children to will ultimately have a lasting effect on them. We have to wisely choose what stories we read to them at night, and what we put in front of them.

Now I never sheltered my children; however, I made sure the content they were watching was explained so that I could teach them how the world was. I did not want them to be inexperienced in life, but I also didn’t believe in throwing them to the wolves.

A child’s mind is so soft initially; we don’t want to harden it with things that they cannot comprehend.

I think, as Authors, we have a responsibility to write, but we also have a responsibility to make sure our content is not harmful. We must market to the age group that can understand and appreciate our work.

Lieve’s stories were remarkable, and the graphics were breathtaking. I can only hope more authors are as thoughtful as her, and I look forward to many more works.

Until next time friends.

Auntie Nann

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