Imagine How Life is for Someone Else

Hello, all you out in imaginary land, or is it real land? We may never know.

I write that because so many times we think about how our life is going and don’t put ourselves in anyone else’s shoes.

I had the pleasure of reading a book written by a first-grade teacher this week. Hailey Glynn wrote When Virona the Corona Came To Town. The book is written from the perspective of a small child. As adults, we think about how it impacted us, and we try to say how it is affecting our children, but do we know.

This book was the cutest little thing, and if you didn’t get a chance, head on over to my Author Spotlight and give it a look. It’s also up on our Facebook pages and YouTube. You will enjoy the show.

Going back to looking at things from a different perspective, you have been granted a fantastic thing by a teacher if you are reading this. Whether that teacher was yourself or someone educated enough to bring you the knowledge, somebody afforded you literacy.

Many people today live where they cannot go to school because they have to survive. They have to make enough money just to put food in their mouths.

When the virus came, it did not discriminate against anyone based on literacy levels. The world became one even playing ground and created a space for us to take back our world.

Once things started easing up, it seems that humans went back to fighting again. I think we fight because we want to do good; however, we get so blinded by how we think our version of good is the best, we do not see it from someone else’s standpoint.

Take the time today to listen to someone’s story without judgment or interruption. It’s incredible when you can truly empathize with another human being and stand without judgment.

To everyone who fights for education and teachers, you are not alone in this fight. Each day we are striving to make the world a better place, and through small ways, we push the needle in the right direction. Do not give up hope. Join in the fight to do the right thing. Put down the arguments, walk past the hate, and create a space for all.

Until next time my friends.

Auntie Nann

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