Resting My Reading Voice

This week, I didn’t have a story, and that made me sad.

I was reminded that while we are very creative beings, some will try to steal our work and pass it off as their own.

This disheartens me, but I am hopeful with the beautiful humans that are still in the world.

Over the past week, I have seen so much scam and noise going on, I have taken a step back so it doesn’t invade my peace.

I think this is crucial as an author and as a person.

The stories I tell are affected by my mood, and I do not want to put out sub par work because of the sourness that I experience.

I want to tell all the Authors out there, don’t give up. You will face so much in your journey but press into your truth. Press into your light and protect your inner peace by learning when to walk away from bad vibes.

Don’t get caught up in the hustle. Write from a place of passion at all times and never give up what you feel you were born to do.

I am inspired by other Authors that I watch daily and the light that they are shining. I love seeing people succeed, but I am enraged when good people are taken advantage of.

I hope that Auntie Nann’s Bedtime stories will come back one day, but at the moment, with so much noise in the world, she will be resting her reading voice until she finds a way to ensure that all the books she reads belong to the person who wrote them. That everything presented to her is from the originator and not a scammer.

I cannot in a world that is so full, always be sure unless I have met that person. I have met a few of the Authors I’ve read for, the others I have not, and unless I have, I will not anymore.

When someone writes, that becomes an extension of them. You cannot steal an extension of a person, whether it is their words or their artwork.

My heart goes out to anyone who has had something of theirs stolen. You get it back by moving forward, pressing on, and being a person of light always.

Until next time friends
Auntie Nann Loves you.

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