Writing About My Dogs

I am sure you have noticed by now that most of my children’s books have to do with my dogs.

I love interacting with animals and thinking of what they would say if you could talk to them.

I have little conversations in my head and imagine how their lives are when we are away. It’s incredible where my imagination goes when I see their expressions.

Some people don’t realize that they have such distinct personalities. Still, my dogs are an integral part of my family. My husband and I can understand our dogs’ movements as if they were talking to us.

I enjoy writing about them in my stories and hope to continue finding creative things to note. My dogs and my writing are passions, which makes the stories easy for me to tell.

Coming in February is Princess Daisy’s, Love Story. Daisy is our pitbull mix that lives inside with our two small dachshunds. Well, she doesn’t realize she is a big dog at all and finds herself trying to sit on our laps as if she wasn’t over fifty pounds.

We have a lot of fun watching the little ones walk underneath her and stand there. The love they have for each other is tremendous, and we enjoy their quirks.

I hope you find love and joy in parts of your life as well. Sometimes we lose that because we focus on the whole thing and the entire thing just gets ugly. When life gets ugly, I focus on my dogs, and everything seems to be ok.

Until next time my friends.
Auntie Nann

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