Dr. Ashley Peak Wellman Author – My Friend Fresno

“The moment we pushed play, we were transported into a magical world with Auntie Nann’s Bedtime Stories. From the visual presentation to the delightful storyteling nature of her voice, we were hooked on Auntie Nann. Now, my daughter and I have a go-to source for reading, relaxing, and dreaming of new adventures.”

Joanne Rosario Author – Can you See Me

“The experience of having my book featured on Auntie Nann bedtime stories was very rewarding as a first time author. But even more than that, having the opportunity to showcase a group of children that are near and dear to my heart brought pure joy. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your program and I hope that you will continue to have great success in all that you do.”

Lieve Snellings Author – GroundHog Secrets

“Working with Auntie Nann was such a TOP experience she gave me the biggest gift anybody could give me. As a photographer I thought that my children’s books couldn’t stand without my photographs. But when I heard Auntie Nann reading ‘Time for Margot to Go to Bed’, she made it clear that the story is a great narrative. Her enthusiasm and generousty in the Author Spotlight on her blog and custom video showed the photo illustrations of my book ‘Groundhog Secrets, everything you always wanted to know about woodchucks’. It was heavenly working with you Auntie Nann And can recommend you to all authors to work with.”

Anastasia Ashley Author – Mom I am Being Bullied

“Auntie Nann was amazing! From the start of us connecting on Facebook, the reading of the book, and the author spotlight. A great woman with an amazing spirit. I truly appreciate her. She’s a big supporter and an all-around great person.”