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Episode #4 When he's just not into you The Bombshell Book Review

Welcome to The Bombshell Book Review with Nicole Lynette Paquin and CJ Ives Lopez Week Four in April April's Book Review is "Swipe To Love" by Angelique 'Mostert' Bosman Each Week Nicole and CJ will discuss this book and other literary works and points of discussion. Grab a copy and read along:…/dp/B08942TKNZ/ref Follow Angelique: Twitter: @AngAuthor Instagram: @Ang_B_Author Facebook: @angeliquebosmanauthor Website: Follow Nicole: Facebook: @sandiegowriter Twitter: @PaquinAuthor Website: Follow CJ: Facebook: @authorcjiveslopez Twitter: @cjiveslopez Instagram: @cjiveslopez13 Website: Follow The Authors Porch: Facebook: @theauthorsporch Twitter: @theauthorsporch Instagram: @theauthorsporch Website: All Productions by:
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Two authors create the Bombshell Book Review. Our goal is to support authors in their journey. We will be focusing on the many genres included under Women’s Fiction. We love an uplifting read. Rom-Com, Cozy Romace , Historical Romance are among our favorites. Come join the fun! Look for our monthly book announcement, pick up a copy of your own and read along with us!.

You can catch us on Facebook, Youtube, most named Podcast formats, and right here. Find your next great read today.

Criteria for Submission

  • All work must already be published
  • Word Count 70K or less
  • Must be within one of the following Sub Genre’s
    • lighthearted romance
      young adult
      all forms of women’s fiction
      Cozy Romance
      Uplifting and entertaining women’s fiction of all genre’s
  • Must be able to provide paperback and Ebook copies
  • Signed Agreement

Points of discussion

  • What Genre does this book fall under
  • How is the plot laid out
  • Writing style: slow and methodical, or fast and flowing. Was it a fast read
  • How the book cover strikes us at first glance and detailed view after reading
  • Description/Blurb: what drew you in?
  • Is this book relatable and to what audience
  • Entertainment Factor and Flow
  • Take Away: what stuck with you?

CJ Ives Lopez

CEO, iLO Multimedia, RGV, & Founder of The Authors Porch, The Bombshell Book Review & SisterSisterLiveShow

CJ is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant.  She spent twenty years touring the world and working within the Civil Engineer Operations Management Career Field.  Her time in the Air Force took her to Japan, New Mexico, Texas, England, Germany, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Oman and Bulgaria.  Upon Retirement, she followed her dreams and started writing.  She became a published Author in 2018 and now has fourteen children’s books under her Pen Name Auntie Nann. She also has three Hope books and she just published her first YA contemporary romance. All her books are available on Amazon.  She is the CEO of iLO Multimedia RGV, Founder of The Authors Porch, The Bombshell Book Review and SisterSisterLiveShow which she hosts all three.  Her weekly Podcasts allow her to talk to people and learn the light they are bringing into the world.

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Nicole Paquin

CO-Host The Bombshell Book Review & Author

Nicole Lynette Paquin is a Women’s Fiction/ Chick-Lit Author. She has been recognized as a storyteller from a very young age. Nicole started writing as a creative and cathartic outlet in her teen years.
She returned to it eight years ago and hasn’t looked back since. If she can envelop a reader long enough to take their mind off daily and global stresses, She believes she has done her job. Nicole aims to inspire, entertain, and empower women through her writing, as her base is most of what she writes on relatable subjects and struggles many have experienced.

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